Google’s video chat app Duo available in UAE

Google’s video chatting app Duo is available in the UAE. The app is Google’s answer to other popular video calling options, such as FaceTime, Skype and Facebook Messenger. downloaded the app via the Android and Apple stores and tried it out between phones running off the different operating systems. Duo isn’t much different from the other VOIP services, except that it gives a glimpse at who is making the call, helping the recipient decide whether to answer. Google calls this feature, “Knock, knock”. Using the app [...]


Samsung shares plunge over smartphone explosion debacle

Samsung recalled its oversized ‘phablet’ after faulty batteries caused some handsets to burst into flamesA Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 7 new smartphone is displayed at its store in Seoul, South Korea, September 2, 2016. SEOUL: Samsung shares plunged Monday after the South Korean electronics giant urged global users to stop using its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to a spate of exploding batteries.Samsung Electronics – the world’s largest smartphone maker – announced on September 2 a recall of its oversized [...]


Diverse Test-Automation Frameworks For React Native Apps

The bar is set high for today’s mobile apps. First, apps must meet the standard of quality that app markets expect. Secondly, mobile app users are very demanding. Plenty of alternatives are available to download, so users will not tolerate a buggy app. Because mobile apps have become such a crucial part of people’s lives, users won’t be shy about sharing their love or hate for an app — and that feedback gets in front of millions of users [...]