CCTV mandatory in multistorey and commercial buildings

CCTV mandatory in multistorey and commercial buildings

Dubai Municipality’s Department of Buildings issued a circular to consultation offices and contracting companies on equipping buildings with CCTV surveillance systems.

Khalid Mohammad Saleh, director of the department, said that the circular is in line with Dubai government’s approach to improve standards of services and provide a secure and safe residential environment that achieves the highest rates of public safety and security.

Saleh said that the circular is a step towards transforming buildings into smart ones, and CCTV surveillance systems will be installed on new multistorey and commercial buildings and those currently under construction.

He said that with the aim of facilitating the implementation process, a number of specialised and registered offices and companies have been tasked by Dubai Police with designing and approving the security systems once licensing applications are submitted for buildings. This process has to be done before receiving a certificate confirming the completion of the building.

The municipality said that a blueprint of the CCTV security system must be submitted along with the final licence application for multistorey and commercial buildings. It added that the blueprints must be designed by companies that have been approved by Dubai Police’s Department of Protective Systems.

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