No Trespassing: Cameras to monitor all Dubai construction projects 24|7

No Trespassing: Cameras to monitor all Dubai construction projects 24|7

Fix surveillance cameras on tower cranes or any high place: Dubai Municipality


The Dubai Municipality has made it mandatory to fix surveillance cameras for all construction sites.

“Make sure you install surveillance cameras for construction sites on tower cranes or any high place that oversees the site, such as entrances, sites’ borders, storage areas with the need to connect them with a visible system on the screen of the site’s engineer,” the civic body said in a statement.

The new directives are based on the administrative Circular No. (211) for 2016, which states that not less than four cameras need to be fixed at the construction site.

In February 2016, British thrill-seeker James Kingston climbed the 425-metre Marina 101 and then reached the top of the building crane, reaching up to at 465 meters. He started on his mission with the developer of the tower not being aware.

The circular also informs contractors to use metal or PVC fences, ensuring they should not be less than two meters high from ground and the distance between them should be not be more than five centimeters.

The municipality’s engineering supervision section of the buildings department is working on a plan to cover all construction sites in order to ensure the provision of all engineering and technical requirements are met and provide a safe working environment.

Emirates 24|7 could not reach municipality officials for comment.

Currently, there are a number of projects under construction in Dubai which are worth $53.6 billion. The majority of them are in the residential, hospitality and leisure sector.

As per the Dubai Municipality’s Code of Constructions Safety Practice, closed control television cameras have to be used for communication for crane signals when normal means of communication (hand signals and wireless devices) are not feasible

Other government entities that have installed cameras includes the Road and Transport Authority in taxis to ensure security of the passengers and the driver, and to monitor performances of the driver, while the Municipality has installed 215 new cameras and 25 motion sensors to ensure safety in all its locations.

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